binks Dr. Martin Binks is Clinical Director and CEO of Binks Behavioral Health PLLC He is also Assistant Consulting Professor, Division of Medical Psychology, Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences, Duke University Medical Center. His professional activities include direct patient care, research, consultation services and the development of evidence-based obesity and health promotion programs for healthcare, research and corporate wellness environments.

Dr. Binks received his Ph.D. in clinical psychology from Fairleigh Dickenson University, trained at the Bronx VA Medical Center and completed pre and postdoctoral training in behavioral medicine at the Medical University of South Carolina. He is the former Director of Behavioral Health, Research, and New Business and Strategic Alliances at the Duke Diet & Fitness Center. Dr Binks has worked extensively in the areas of obesity, health & wellness promotion, neuropsychology, substance abuse treatment, post-traumatic stress disorder and spinal cord injury.

Binks has authored multiple research publications and the book The Duke Diet. His research interests include technology-based healthcare delivery, obesity treatment, non alcoholic fatty liver disease, and overall health promotion. He serves as a reviewer on several scientific journals and is a regular contributor to multiple health websites and media outlets.

Dr. Binks contributes to healthcare provider education through his work with students and trainees and by lecturing nationally in the areas of obesity management, health promotion and behavioral medicine. Dr Binks is currently active in several leadership positions at the national scientific organization The Obesity Society. Dr Binks also serves in an advisory position with the Army National Guard and is a member of several corporate advisory boards.

Professional Affiliations
The Obesity Society
Association Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies
American Psychological Association
Society of Behavioral Medicine

Previous Submissions

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high blood pressure My blood pressure is 146 over 97. I do not want to take prescription drugs. I am exercising 3-4 times a week, a half hour at curves circuit training, walking in town, trying to eat right. I am 5 feet 4 inches. Can you suggest any natural supplements? wally View Answer
Meal Planning for Diabetes AND Hyperlipidemia!!!!

I was recently diagnosed with prediabetes and hyperlipidemia. I am struggling on meal planning for these two issues. I'm afraid that what I can have for diabetes, I can't have for the other issue. I'm guessing hyperlipidemia is high cholesterol? I've always watched sodium content in foods just now I am afraid that I will have to cut back or eliminate more of the foods I enjoy. I would like your input on these issues. Thank you, Barb

Barb View Answer
Quitting Smoking and Weight Gain

Hello Dr. Binks: I quit smoking last January and gained 8lbs; I was probably 10-12 lbs too heavy to begin with in spite of having trained for years. My Doctor put me on bio-identicals and then synthroid due to elevated TSH, which is now normal and I feel great. I have been keeping a food journal for 40 days and running for about 6 months. I also weight train regularly and mix it up with heavy and light weights with varied reps.  I also have an elliptical I use most days for at least 30 minutes a day. My question is why is it so hard to budge a pound? I am feeling frustrated with the results given the work load and dedication, also have not even touched a drink in 2 months so no booze to slow the body down. Your help would be greatly appreciated. My BMI is 25.3, I am 5'9 170lbs. Thanks!

catsatthepoint View Answer
Eating while traveling Hi Dr. Binks, I have been struggling a bit with my weight loss goals. I find it really hard to stick to my healthy eating ways on weekends and when we are on the go. When me and my family are out visiting family and on weekend trips I can't help but eat really poorly at restaurants. How can I go away for the weekend and still eat well? Bumblebee bumblebee View Answer
Weight Loss Pills
Are there any safe drugs or medications that I can take to help me lose weight?
Mitch View Answer
Food addiction? Hi Dr. Binks, Lately I've been struggling with my weight loss goals. It has gotten to the point that I am starting to wonder if it's possible to be addicted to food. My cravings become so intense at times that I drive myself over to the store and buy what I am craving and eat it all. I feel very guilty during and afterwords and know that it was the wrong thing to do. Can people be addicted to food? How can I avoid these splurges and sudden urges? Thank you, Bumblebee bumblebee View Answer
Making it through just one day making the right choices I get up every morning telling that this is a new day-the day I will begin to be successful losing weight and making right choices. By early afternoon each day everything falls apart and I start to constantly eat-even as I am telling myself to stop. What can I do to last through just one day at a time? I seem to be getting worse about having no will power. I have about lost all hope of losing the weight-even tho I am aware of the danger to my health. artistic48 View Answer
Metabolisms I have spoken to my Doctor about my metabolism. I was wondering if my struggle to lose weight was because of thyroid. He mentioned that my weight was probably due to a "slow" metabolism. Are there metabolisms that are fast? slow? Sunflower Painter View Answer
Maintaining a healthy weight What suggestions do you have that I can use to help maintain a healthy weight? Beowolf View Answer
Weight Loss: Food Cravings durning PMS How can I get rid of Food Cravings during PMS? I’ve been smoke free for over 2 years now and I use to confuse pre-menstrual syndrome with physical withdrawals symptoms. I use to smoke twice as much when I was PMS’sing but I kept telling myself persevere and you’ll achieve your goal. I’m 41 years old 5”2 and ¾ went from 140 to 128lbs. My problem is the Food Cravings during PMS. It’s discouraging to try and maintain a healthy weight when you get bloated and crave chocolate and salty foods and than give in. Any advice? User 1 View Answer
Staying regular I have trouble staying regular, any suggestions? Beowolf View Answer
Is it true that you gain weight more easily if you eat before bed? Is it true that you gain weight more easily if you eat before bed? Why, why not? Beowolf View Answer
Exercise and mood What is the link between, exercise and improved sense of well being. furgittit View Answer
Reducing salt in foods. I have been told I have border line high blood pressure and need to reduce the sodium I eat.How I can be sure to reduce this in all the foods I eat without having to eat just fruits and veggies? Spacecas View Answer
Reached a Plateau Hi Dr Binks, I would really appreciate some advice. I started my weight loss journey in October last year and have lost 30 lbs in total. This has been going off slowly as I planned as part of a lifestyle change rather than crash dieting. I have also been doing around 60 minutes brisk walking with a bit of jogging for 6 days out of 7. However for the last 7 weeks, I have only lost 2 lbs, and I believe that it is common to reach a plateau after some point. I still need to lose 14 lbs to get down to a good BMI. I have been reducing my calorie intake as I go(by 1 Weightwatchers point per 14bs as recommended). Will I shift off this plateau at some point? Thanks, Lizzie Lizzie View Answer
Holiday Weight Gain Prevention How do I stop Holiday weight gain in the face of all those social events? Gem View Answer
Holiday Weight Gain Now that the holiday season is over I have gained some weight. How do I get motivated to get back into a healthy eating routine? bumblebee View Answer
Losing weight too fast? I keep hearing that you should only lose a couple pounds per week – why can’t I just lose as fast as possible? Beowolf View Answer
Snacking I have tried very hard to eat properly and to be fit. But after menopause I gained wieght and am having a terrrible time losing the extra weight. My cholestrol is slightly high and I need to get that back in the normal range. I am open for all the help that I can get !! Thank you............Bren Bren View Answer
Walking I walk over an hour every day and I am relatively happy with my weight but I worry that I do not get enough cardio as I never really get my heart rate up that high. Is strenuous cardio really that important? Juicy View Answer
Smoking and Weight Every time I quit smoking I start craving and turn toward food. How do you quit smoking without gaining weight? Gem View Answer
Depression Medication and Weight The depression medication that I am on causes me to gain weight. I am trying to maintain a Healthy Weight but I am finding it very difficult. Can you offer any tips for combating a medication side effect in order to maintain a healthy weight? Gem View Answer
Depression during winter months Hi Dr. Binks I don’t suffer from depression but I do get pretty moody during those winter months. I was happy to see in your answer that exercising and healthy eating can help our moods. I’d also like to know more specifically what healthy foods should we eat during these winter months and maybe what vitamins should we take to boost our energy or feel like we have more “sunshine in our hearts” Thank you, Armorchick User 1 View Answer
How to Quit Drining Coffee I've quit smoking for over 4 years now and I know all to well about withdrawals symptoms. I've quit smoking with the help of NicoDerm patches and determination. Now my question is how do I successfully quit drinking coffee? Do I simply wean myself off it, do I substitute cream with milk, sugar with splenda, or do I just quit cold turkey? If I quit cold turkey what can I do about the migraine headache withdrawls? User 1 View Answer
Stress and Eating When I go through a stressful period I often use food to sooth myself and cope. This changes my eating routine and often results in weight gain which then results in a diet after the stressful time period. I have tried to break this cycle but have not yet been successful. Any suggestions? Beowolf View Answer
Never full! I've been working on losing weight and eating less calories. My problem is even after eating a meal I am still hungry. How can I satisfy my hunger and feel full without eating way too much? bumblebee View Answer
how much is healthy weight loss I just started working out last week and weighed in 259.6 I worked out 1 hr mon, wed, fri and today I weighed in and lost 2.2lbs is that normal for the amount that i am working out? I even started eating more healthier such as salads, weight watcher meals (smart ones ) So with all these changes I thought I would be losing more. Thanks Allan akp777 View Answer
Eating/Exercise Suggestions Hi. I am a 30-year-old busy mother of three children ages 10, 7, and 5 mnths. I work full-time and attend online school full-time also. I am married. I have been trying all sorts of things to lose weight. I am 5'2 and weigh 201 lbs. This is the heaviest I have ever been. I need to lose weight badly. I want to lose at least 30 lbs. I have started watching what I eat and keepng up with my caloric intake. I eliminated soda, white bread, white rice, fried foods, whole milk, etc. I started working with a personal trainer but I sometimes find it hard to find the time for it outside of work, school, family, children's extracurricular activities. At work for lunch I have Lean Cuisines for lunch and a salad/fruit. Most mornings I will have oatmeal/cereal and fruit. For a snack I will have crackers or fruit snacks. Do you have any suggestions? Cassandra View Answer

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